Sunday, 27 May 2012

events for Rhôd

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Thursday, 3 May 2012

a taster

Jane Austin's Pride & Prejudice
movement: past, possible, present

very short, adapted by Maura Hazelden

He came down. He is to take. You must visit him. He comes. The girls may go. You may send them. You must indeed go. He comes. Sir William and Lady Lucas are determined to go. You must go. If you do not, he should not go. You should have gone. He left the room. Mr Bingley will dance. He would return. Mr Bingley returned and sat with him in his library. The party entered the assembly room. He danced. Mr Darcy danced only once. Elizabeth Bennet had been obliged to sit down. Mr Darcy had been standing. You are dancing. One of her sisters sitting down, turning round, he looked. You had better return. Mr Darcy walked off. Elizabeth remained. Mr Bingley had danced. They returned, she entered the room and danced with her twice. He danced as she was going down. He danced. He walked here, he walked there

He danced. He had danced. I would not dance. I promise you never to dance.

The visit was returned. She danced; two or three officers joined in dancing. Mr Darcy stood near, Elizabeth moving. Are you not dancing? I have not the least intention of dancing. Elizabeth turned away.

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