Friday, 15 June 2007

artist's statement & CV

Artists statement
My main preoccupations are with the body, the domestic [4.00p.m. tea, a properly set table, a place for everything and everything in its place; her socks always came up to her knees; the cups and saucers should never be stacked; her handwriting was so neat; white and pale collars and cuffs should always be folded in white tissue; why can’t you be more like her?] and the land, place; space; memory and perception. embodiment, possible flight, the feminine, touch, the fold, textile, fragmentation, typography, presence/absence. Seeking the sensual; investigating the subliminal; the liminal. From order to evanescence: solid to vapour: experience to memory.

Material matters: images, sound, words, books, images, video, performance, installation – sometimes all together; inside; outside: time based work.

Check that your hair is neat under your hat; that your coat lies smoothly over your wings; no-one will know what lies underneath.

I have experience of art education including in galleries, work in schools and have taught textiles and fashion contextual studies (HND/B.A 1st year)

I originally trained as a dancer, then went to art college to work on surface pattern and illustration (Caerdydd 1985). I took on commissions in design, textiles and costumes for dance. Since then I’ve been back twice for art and design: HND multidisciplinary computer application (West Wales School of the Arts) and BA fine art: performance and photovisual (UWIC, Caerdydd, 1999), and also gained a PGCE in post compulsory education.

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